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Teams performing FMEAs can utilize all of the analysis capabilities in ReliaSoft XFMEA along with some additional features enabled by SEP.

XFMEA can send alerts when an assigned action is created, modified or ready to be reviewed. With SEP, you can also trigger alerts based on the action due date (e.g., send an alert 1 week before the action is due, then send a reminder every day until the action is complete).

Utilizing FRACAS data when performing FMEAs saves time and leads to more effective risk assessment. If your organization is using XFRACAS for failure reporting and team-based problem resolution, SEP makes it easy to view the field failure data for a particular part or failure mode.

If SEP is configured for “Remote ReliaSoft,” users can launch XFMEA on a remote server without having to install and update software on each client computer. (There are additional hardware and license requirements for this feature.)

Figure 1: SEP makes it easy to view field failure data in XFRACAS, and to open the full analysis in XFMEA

Managers use the web portal to track progress and sign off on FMEA versions

When an FMEA is ready to review or approve, the analysis team can copy or e-mail a link to an at-a-glance summary that the manager can view in any web-enabled device.

You can easily track key indicators such as:

  • number of failure modes and the percentage fully analyzed
  • top failure modes
  • status of assigned actions, with % complete

If the team is using the change log tracking feature in XFMEA, the manager can also use the web portal to sign off on the controlled analysis version.

Figure 2: Quick at-a-glance FMEA summary and sign off via the web

Stakeholders use SEP to access lessons learned

For colleagues throughout your organization, SEP provides multiple ways to share the latest analysis and lessons learned… with no desktop applications installed.

The web portal shows the latest FMEA, custom dashboards and finalized report documents that are saved with the analysis project.

Users can also run saved queries for any FMEA or group of FMEAs, to get customized output such as actions that are not complete or failure modes with high risk.

Figure 3: Multiple ways to share FMEA lessons learned throughout the organization


Implementing SEP together with other ReliaSoft applications provides convenient, mobile access to key reliability analysis results and helps to facilitate cooperation across different areas of expertise. In addition to the FMEA solution described here, you can also use SEP to share selected results from Weibull analyses, reliability growth testing, system simulations and other reliability studies performed in Weibull++, ALTA, RGA, BlockSim, RENO or Lambda Predict.

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